Individuals are likely to have a really slender definition of what constitutes a robotic.

Steel arms, servo motors, and visible sensors don’t a robotic make. In case you take even a cursory examination of the historical past of robotics, you’ll discover loads of examples of robots invented earlier than there was electrical energy which can be simply as a lot autonomous machines because the high-tech improvements of right this moment.

Robotic phrases A to Z:

Whereas pursuing the web, you’ll have come throughout a number of phrases being utilized in all method of incorrect methods. This information gives you every little thing you might want to comprehend the jargon being thrown round by teachers and self-styled thought-leaders.

Robotic phrases A by means of E


Actuator: a motor that reads programming indicators and interprets them into mechanical motion.

Aerobot: a sort of aerial robotic that’s set aside by its capability for impartial flight.



Android: a humanoid robotic designed to resemble an grownup human male. The ‘andro’ prefix is in reference to the assigned masculine gender of the machine.

Articulated manipulator: a robotic arm that’s divided into impartial segments which can be managed by a number of joints.

Automaton: the method by which human labor is changed by autonomous machines.

Autonomous automobile: any automobile that may function with out direct human management, often by means of a built-in autopilot system.

Axis/diploma of freedom: this time period refers to how a robotic arm or physique can maneuver. This corresponds to the variety of joints in a selected machine. Whereas joints to levels of freedom isn’t a 1:1 ratio, extra joints is essentially the most simple strategy to obtain a higher diploma of freedom for a robotic.


Bionics: the act of utilizing organic methods or organically occurring processes for the event and design of latest robots.


perform of a cartesian robotic artwork, courtesy of

Cartesian manipulator: a robotic arm with prismatic joints for motion alongside the X, Y, Z coordinate system.

Central processing unit: functionally, the robotic’s ‘mind’. It’s the foremost circuit board and course of pre-programmed and command inputs.

Cloud robotics: any robotic that derives a useful capability from the cloud.

Cobots: robots that interface straight with people.

Controller System: a pc of some sort that shops information, executes applications, and directs the operations of the robotic.

Cyborg: shorthand for ‘cybernetic organism’, it’s any being that possesses each organic and synthetic components.

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Downtime: any time period when a robotic isn’t functioning. That is often used to confer with operational malfunction or error.


Finish effector: a common time period for the device particularly designed to permit a robotic to execute a selected job, resembling a gripper or welding gun.

industrial robotAn instance of an end-effector on an industrial robotic (supply:

Robotics phrases F by means of Okay


Suggestions sensor: the mechanism by means of which environmental information is fed again to the central processing unit, which makes use of it to regulate the robotic’s motions.

robot sensorsCompletely different variants of robotic sensors (supply:

Pressure limiting: a security function that applications a robotic to maneuver at a sluggish, secure velocity to permit for people to work round it with out obstacles or shields.

Pressure Sensor: a tool that displays the power exerted by a robotic’s main manipulator, often as a security measure for people and to observe pressure on the system.


Gantry: a hoisting mechanism for a robotic that’s mounted to a platform or monitor.

Gynoid: just like an android, a gynoid is supposed to invoke the feminine physique.

gynoidInstance of a feminized robotic from the online game Starcraft II


Haptic: know-how that makes use of the sense of contact in a robotic manipulator to regulate the machine’s actions.

Harness: bundled wires that ship energy and information to part of the robotic.

Hexapod: a six-legged robotic that takes inspiration from natural bugs.


Humanoid: any robotic meant to resemble a human and execute historically human-exclusive actions.

Hydraulics: a technique for producing power by means of liquid underneath stress.


Industrial robotic: a manipulator designed to execute specialised instructions in an effort to fill a phase of the commercial chain of fabrication. For instance, an industrial robotic is likely to be programmed to weld automobile frames collectively.

Enter system: any system that enable for people to interface with a robotic. Often, that is for the needs of programming future actions or direct management over fast locomotion.

Clever robotic: a robotic that may adapt its perform based mostly on sensory information with out direct human intervention. Often meant to confer with the fusion of robotics and a few type of synthetic intelligence.


Jacobian matrix: a set of algorithms which can be used to assist place a robotic.

Robotic phrases L by means of Z


Laser: a beam of slender and centered gentle that’s usually used as a non-contact sensors for robots and can be utilized for something from distance discovering to welding.


Nanobot: any autonomous system that’s constructed of molecular elements and working on the nanoscale (one billionth of a meter)


Payload: the payload refers back to the weight {that a} specific robotic can carry or raise. It will have an effect on the dimensions and complexity of deployment for a given machine.

Pinch Factors: any uncovered joints that would catch human appendages or clothes.

Pneumatics: a technique for producing power utilizing compressed gasoline or air.

Powered Exoskeleton: a wearable machine that will increase the energy and endurance of the human body.

The mech is a sci-fi staple and dramatic instance of what exoskeletons may someday be

Prosthetic: programmable robots meant to switch lacking natural physique components. Mostly utilized in medication for leg and arm amputees.


Robotic: a tool that may execute a job impartial of direct human management or exercise.

RPA: software program that makes use of metaphorical robotic staff to execute complicated duties.


Sensor: numerous devices that robots can use to assemble types of environmental information that permits the machine to regulate its personal place and duties based mostly on this stimuli.

Singularity: a configuration of a robotic arm the place two joints grow to be aligned alongside a typical axis.


Uptime: the time period whereby a robotic is working as supposed.

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Now that you just perceive these generally looked for robotics phrases, it’s best to know every little thing you might want to in an effort to discover the most recent developments in robotics and AI! When you’re at it, check out a number of the sorts of robots to get a superb sense for what individuals are speaking about within the discipline right this moment.

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